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The Re-Imagined SMART Ride

Why Should your participate in this year's SMART Ride? Compass' Jacque Jamason has the answer! 

This year, the SMART Ride has been re-imagined to deal with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In this video, Compass' own Jacque Jamason explains why the SMART Ride is more important than ever and how she's training for this year's activities.

For more information on the SMART Ride, the South East's largest HIV/AIDS ride, please visit https://www.theSMARTride.org or https://www.compassglcc.com

Free Rapid HIV Testing

Open HIV Testing Hours  (Appointment Required for All Testing During COVID-19)

Monday - Friday from 10am-4p by appointment ONLY.
Masks are required. Masks will be provided at the center if you do not have one.

A brief health check including a temperature (with a non contact thermometer) will be necessary for entrance to the building.

Please contact a member of our prevention team to make an appointment.

Call 561.533.9699 and ask for:

Dylan Brooks  dylan@compassglcc.com ext 4004
Walberto Colón  walberto@compassglcc.com ext 4042

Our Impact

Compass has been serving the LGBTQ+ community in Palm Beach County for over 30 years.

To see how we have made positive impacts in our community, please watch Sandra's story by clicking on the video to the right.

Sandra's story is a story of compassion and finding acceptance in a world of stigma. Her inspirational story should give us all hope. No matter how hard things get, one can find meaning and growth in the challenges they face.

To watch additional Impact Stories, please click here.

Our Volunteers!

Any non-profit organization depends a great deal on the compassion and effort of others; Compass is no different. 

We have a number of volunteers who help us function every day. They donate their time and their hearts to our cause and we want to recognize their dedication to our community. 

To VolunteerClick here