Steel Tie Spirits Co.

Steel Tie Spirits Co.
1615 Clare Ave Unit A
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
(561) 766-2493

Featuring Black Coral Rum (white, spiced and black) and Steel Tie Vodka

Our History
From the purest of ingredients dating back to the beginning of distilling, keeping with tradition with a touch of modernization, we bring you an American Handcrafted house of spirits.

New Products
As a small family craft distillery, we have no deadlines, no hindering minds lingering above, only creative thoughts and positive energy. With this freedom comes a passion for new expressions and sometimes “re-distilled” spirits of the past. As our forefathers created from scratch, we continue this tradition with great gratitude for those that blazed the way.

Educational Tours
In every way, we aim to educate our guests. Our tours are all encompassing, smell, taste and touch are all involved here. From the smell of a fresh fermentation, to the taste of a sweet mash ready for distillation, to feeling the warmth created upon spirituous adventures with friends, we welcome you to a place where all questions are welcomed, and authenticity is undeniable.

John Moore

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Steel Tie Spirits Co.