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My name is Wayne Merchant, and I am a graphic designer and illustrator originally from West Palm Beach, Florida. After graduating from the Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota, Florida in 1991, I began my career freelancing for the Palm Beach Post newspaper, Boca Raton magazine and several public relations agencies in my home town. In 1999 I relocated to Seattle, Washington, where I served as the art director for WHERE Seattle, freelanced for the the Seattle Times and Seattle Magazine. I worked for a couple of creative placement agencies in Seattle and was assigned to some really great design agencies. In 2003 I worked as the art director for Visitor’s Choice and Flathead Living magazines, based out of Bend, Oregon. In 2007 I returned to Florida­— a few years in Fort Lauderdale, and now back in West Palm Beach. I learned a lot on my adventures, and I am excited to be back in my home town.

Wayne Merchant