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OUR MISSION: To provide a diverse women’s magazine that recaptures and redefines the term “girl.”

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In our cultural history, the word “girl” has invoked a sense of weakness. Even today the term “girl” is applied to strong, independent, and successful women to infer a negative connotation. Anyone who has a mother, sister, aunt, or grandmother can tell you that though women do have their weaknesses (as do men), women have an enormous amount of strength. GIR(L) Magazine exhibits that strength through thoughtful articles and information on health, wealth, politics, lifestyle and all other subjects that concern us as women.

GIR(L) Magazine captures a very large, diverse readership as it appeals to women of every shape, size, ethnicity, income bracket, sexuality, and ideology. We are redefining “girl” in a way no other publication has attempted to do.

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