Community HIV Outreach

A very important aspect of what Compass does involves reaching the community in an effort reduce stigmas and increase awareness of HIV/AIDS, how to prevent it, and, if necessary, how to treat it.

The staff at Compass is involved in many efforts throughout the community that include testing, events, and education.


Rapid HIV Testing is available at the center on Wednesdays and Fridays from  pm – 7:30 pm and on Tuesdays from 1 pm – 5:30 pm in the SMART Ride Testing Room. However, for those who can’t come to us, we provide testing at various locations throughout the community.

Offsite testing locations include, but are not limited to, Roosters, the Mad Hatter Lounge, and various treatment centers throughout the county.


In addition to our testing, the Prevention and Outreach Department hosts several events at various times of the year. These events allow us to promote safe sex practices, prevention techniques and healthy living choices while engaging the community in fun, social situations.

Some of our most successful events include the Summer Luau at the Mad Hatter Lounge, the White Party at Penny’s at the Duke, and the official “Kick Off to Pride Party” at Roosters.


Education is the foundation of everything that we do. Only through understanding HIV/AIDS, how it is transmitted, and its impact on individuals and the community, can we hope to significantly reduce the number of people living with this disease.

Compass offers several educational programs, seminars, talks and classes that can be held onsite or offsite. We will present these educational opportunities in conference rooms, classrooms, theaters, offices, stores, restaurants, and anywhere else there is a need.

Educational topics include, but are not limited to, HIV 101, Sex Education for Youth and Young Adults, Reducing High Risk Behavior and HIV in the Transgender Community.