The Legacy Project

The Legacy Project is an intergenerational story telling project. The project is a massive collaboration between Compass Community Center and Palm Beach Dramaworks. This year's performance will take place in-person at Palm Beach Dramaworks at 7pm on April 20, 2022. 

Each year, mature members of the LGBTQ community are paired with LGBTQ youth from the Compass Youth Program. The youth interview their partners and then compile the interviews into digital stories. For one night in the autumn, those digital stories are combined with live stage performances at Palm Beach Dramaworks to produce a highly memorable and emotional night.

This year's honored guests are:

Sol Lima and Janis Kidder

Luna Prado and Howard Grossman

Calvin Brown and Carlos Toro (Lupita Hollywood)

For more information, contact Amanda Canete at Amanda@CompassGLCC.comncing will be enforced.

Photos and Videos of Past Legacy Project Performances