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30 Years of Compass: Who We Are

People always ask us what we do. It is a more difficult question to answer than you would think. We have many departments that all do amazing things. 

In this video, we give a brief overview of the services we have provided to the community here at Compass for the last 30 years. 

Palm Beach Pride 2019

Palm Beach Pride 2019 was our best year yet.

In this video, Julie Seaver talks about Compass' Pride festival and tells you why it's important to attend!

it gets better Project & Compass PSA

This past summer, Compass teamed with the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts to bring the it gets better Project to Palm Beach County.

This PSA was a result of the it gets better Cast working with the Compass Youth Program.

World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day was founded in 1988 with the purpose of uniting the world in the fight against HIV/AIDS. It was the first ever global health day and has provided a source of unity and action across the world.

To the right, members of our staff share their thoughts on World AIDS Day and the AIDS Memorial Quilt. 

Real Convo with Alan Mednick

In November 2019, Julia Murphy and Michael Riordan, were guests on Alan Mednick's radio show RealConvo with Alan Mednick. The focus was suicide in the LGBTQ community. Together, they discussed reasons why suicide rates were so high in the community and shared resources for those struggling with suicidal ideation and depression. 

If need someone to talk to, please consider the following numbers:

800-273-8255 (LGBTQ)

877-565-8869 (Transgender)

561-533-9699 (Compass Community Center)

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Compass in the Media

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Compass Press Releases

Our New Board of Trustees

February 11, 2020

Lake Worth Beach, FL -

As we prepare to celebrate Pride in Palm Beach County, the ringing in of the new decade brings new leadership and a fresh perspective to the center and its programs.

During our board of trustees’ first meeting of 2020, long-time board member Michael Grattendick stepped down as board chair to make way for new and upcoming leadership to continue to thrive. For the past decade, Michael led the board and the agency through times both lean and prosperous, and provided a steadying perspective as the agency experienced successes and challenges typical of most nonprofits. Both the staff and board of Compass look forward to Michael’s continued support and attendance as a committed member of our community and attendee  at upcoming signature events hosted by Compass.

Marc Pickering, elected as Compass’ new board chair, expressed his appreciation for Michael’s leadership.  “This past year, Compass experienced unprecedented growth as we expanded services to meet the needs of more people than ever. Our mental health, youth, and HIV prevention programs have all increased in scope and impact and we are grateful for Michael’s commitment and leadership through this growth.”

At the same meeting, the board elected a new slate of officers. The officers of Compass’ board of trustees for 2020 are: Board Chair, Marc Pickering; Vice-Chair, Barry Hayes; Treasurer, Michael Woods; and Secretary, Kara Rosa, Esq. We on the staff look forward to a new year under the guidance of our dynamic and passionate board.

Nicholas Coppola was elected to join the board last fiscal quarter, and has connected with the community with a fresh perspective as a newer Florida resident.  Nicholas is the Regional Director for the statewide Florida LGBTQ+ Democratic Caucus (area 5) and locally, the Rusty Gordon LGBTA Democratic Chapter. He has also served as volunteer Eucharist minister and educator for the St. Anthony’s parish in Oceanside, NY.  His experience in governance in serving on the board of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis in New York City lends knowledge to his passion for HIV and AIDS advocacy. Nicholas lives in Delray Beach with his husband, David.

Unfortunately, there is another change to our board that leaves us all with a heavy heart. Long-time friend to the community, and board member for the past year, Jan Myers, passed away on Monday, February 3rd, losing his battle with cancer. We cannot say enough about Jan’s contributions to this community as an ally, mentor, and friend. His calm and encouraging presence will be dearly missed. Jan’s celebration of life will be hosted at the center on Thursday, March 5th at 7pm and all are welcome to attend.

Compass Community Center is the only LGBTQ community center in Palm Beach County, and works to engage, empower and enrich the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people and those impacted by HIV and AIDS.

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day 2020

February 5, 2020
Lake Worth Beach, FL -

On January 25th from 2-4 PM, Compass Community Center will host a seminar on legal issues faced by the transgender community. This is the first of several seminars on transgender issues that will be offered at the center throughout the year.

A panel of experts will discuss various legal topics that directly affect transgender individuals. 
Pete Stewart, Health Education Specialist for Palm Beach County School District, will discuss the rights of trans students in the county schools. Tequisha Myles, from Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, will talk about legal documentation (name changes, gender markers on IDs, etc), and workplace and housing discrimination. Local therapist Lynn Allen will also be there to present on the legal requirements for gender correction surgeries and hormones, such as letters needed from therapists. This will be an open discussion in which audience members will be able to ask questions of the panel experts.

"Our trans community faces unique challenges when it comes to their rights and their medical needs," explains Julie Seaver, Compass' Executive director. "In today's environment, it can be hard to keep up with the changing legal landscape. This seminar will provide reliable information and a chance to get their questions answered."
This free panel discussion is intended for our transgender community, but it is open to all ages and family members who seek to understand medical transition. Light refreshments will be served. Registration is free, but requested, at the following link:

This seminar series is part of an overall expansion of transgender services at Compass, along with a social group for trans and non-binary young adults, and a support group for trans kids ages 3 to 11, and their families.

Compass' mission is to engage, empower and enrich the lives of the LGBTQ community and those impacted by HIV and AIDS. The center is the only direct services provider for the LGBTQ community in Palm Beach County. For more information about Compass' services and programs, please visit or call 561-533-9699.