Compass Policies and Statements

COVID 19 Statement and Policies

During this public health crisis of COVID-19, Compass’ commitment to the well-being of our community remains as strong as ever, and it is our responsibility to do our part to flatten the curve in our area.  While many of our direct client services have already been transitioned to virtual services, Compass staff will continue working to provide services to our community, even if we cannot do so in person. 


It’s been four months since the coronavirus shut down our community, our state, our nation. Each of us has had to make difficult decisions to adapt. Compass Community Center is no different.

Compass staff are busy behind the scenes, working out how to continue offering events in a virtual environment. We continue to offer all the same services as before, in a different way that keeps us all safe.

Since mid-July, Compass is once again offering free HIV testing in the center, Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 4 PM.  Please call the center to make an appointment, and be prepared to answer basic health assessment questions and have your temperature taken upon arrival. We ask all testing clients to wear a mask and will have them available if you do not have one of your own. Prevention staff are also available by phone to provide answers to your questions about HIV test-at-home kits, sexual health, PrEP, PEP, and more.

Compass’ therapists continue to meet with clients virtually since support is so critical during this difficult time. Please call the center if you need to talk with someone - mental health is always important, and especially now. Case managers are continuing to serve their clients in assisting with doctors' appointments, communicating with other providers, and connecting clients with emergency housing and food assistance.

Since April, Compass has spent a quarter of a million dollars to cover health and wellness expenses, emergency housing and food assistance, trips to doctor’s visits, and specialized behavioral therapy for community members in need.

Staff-facilitated support groups are also meeting virtually, which is especially exciting because while we meet this way, geography and access to transportation is not a barrier for anyone to attend. This includes the youth group, meeting on Wednesday and Friday nights to talk, play games, and learn some cooking tips!

Compass team members are also available on the phone to connect community members with resources around housing, food distributions, intimate partner violence, and legal help. The center is staffed Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 5 PM, for walk-up visitors to access condoms, free masks, and information about resources. Our cyber center is also available for use by appointment, so please call ahead to arrange a time to use one of our computers.

Our Coffee Clatch group is meeting virtually every other week, and PBA mixers have moved online, too. We welcome you to join us! Visit us online at or call the center for more information on these gatherings.

Community members are welcome to call the center with any questions they may have or to visit our website for more information. Each staff member’s extension is available on the site, and we welcome your calls.


May 20, 2020

Palm Beach County has recently joined the rest of the state in relaxing restrictions and phasing in a reopening plan for businesses and public spaces.
As Compass staff monitor these developments closely, it's important to remember the things that you can control right now:
  1. Wash your hands
  2. Maintain 6' of social distancing
  3. Wear a mask. My mask protects you, your mask protects me.
We understand that many people want and need businesses to reopen, for their economic and mental well-being. Our community is particularly vulnerable, we will always place the health of our staff, volunteers, and clients at the forefront as we make decisions regarding reopening. Exercising an abundance of caution, Compass will remain in our current phase of being closed to the public until at least two weeks after the state has successfully completed Phase 1 of reopening and has moved to Phase 2. As we move through the phases, we will continue to update you on what that means specifically for Compass. During this time, we are reorganizing our center spaces, instilling protective measures to preserve everyone's health and wellness
All services currently provided will continue through telehealth options and staff will continue working full-time remotely. We encourage you to reach out to us via phone, email or social media with your questions, concerns and needs.
Our Current Ongoing Services:
Don't forget that Compass continues to offer all the same services as before, in a different way that keeps us all safe. We are now holding many of our support groups and programs virtually. Plus we have many virtual Pride events coming up with big name celebrities, featured below! If you're looking for general resources and information related to the Coronavirus, there is a list of links at the end of this email, as well. 
We can still support you:
-Provide Counseling, and Case Management over the phone or video chat.
-Connect you to virtual support groups focusing on coming out issues, gender support, PTSD and more...
-Connect you with resources around housing, food distributions, intimate partner violence and legal help.
-Invite you to our weekly Coffee Clatch socials and online event opportunities.
-Provide answers to your questions about HIV test-at-home kits, sexual health, PrEP, PEP and more..
Be the listening ear and kind voice you just need to hear right now!


All HIV testing is suspended until further notice to follow the latest guidelines from the Department of Health and the CDC.  While HIV testing is temporarily suspended, please call us at 561-533-9699 to talk with one of our knowledgeable testing counselors at Compass. Our testing counselors can help you learn more about your HIV status, answer your questions about HIV, PrEP, PEP and other sexual health related topics, and link you to additional resources. As always, all conversations are confidential and we are looking forward to getting your call!

Lorenzo Lowe ext 4009

Dylan Brooks ext 4004

Walberto Colon (en Espanol) ext 4042


All appointments will be held via phone or video call, as staff and clients determine best for their circumstances.  Clients eligible to receive tangible resources, such as food pantry or bus passes, will be contacted by their case managers to arrange these meetings. 


Youth Drop-in center is closed, in alignment with the school district’s closure. Youth group members are encouraged to contact youth staff if they need to talk. Youth staff will be reaching out to therapy clients and other youth group members to discuss these changes. Youth group will be held virtually, with youth staff contacting group members for when and how they can participate.

Amanda Canete ext 4011

Lucas O’Ryan ext 4040

Rex Barnes ext 4035


All groups and events scheduled in the center are suspended. We encourage groups to meet virtually to support their members. We will explore opportunities with group facilitators to move appropriate meetings to web-based platforms such as Zoom. We urge group members to take advantage of calls and texts to care for one another. 

The David Bohnett Cyber Center is closed to the public.

We understand this decision presents challenges to many, but we continue to follow the lead of the CDC, Department of Health and other health officials. Compass remains committed to providing services to our community. We hope that these changes, while disruptive to people’s lives, will also help to save lives. 

You can access information regarding COVID-19 from the Florida Department of Health HERE and the Center for Disease Control HERE. We will continue to follow guidance from these agencies, public health officials, as well as Palm Beach County and City of Lake Worth Beach officials. For information on how to help during this time through the United Way, please click here

Remember our individual responsibility in the prevention of viral spread by minding the basic steps of proper hygiene:

  • Wash hands often with soap and hot water.
  • Supplement hand washing with antibacterial hand sanitizer.
  • Cover mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough (not with your hands).
  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes.
  • Stay home if you (or a residential family member) are symptomatic: fever, cough, shortness of breath (flu-like symptoms)

En Español

Durante esta crisis de salud pública del COVID-19, el compromiso de compass de servir a la comunidad se mantiene firme y vigente, y es nuestra responsabilidad de mantener las regulaciones pertinentes en nuestra área. Mientras que muchos de los servicios directos al cliente han sido transferidos a modo virtual, los empleados de Compass seguirán ofreciendo los servicios a la comunidad, aun cuando no sea posible de manera personal. 


De acuerdo con la guía publica más reciente con respecto al COVID-19, Compass Community Center estará cerrado al público a partir del Lunes, 23 de Marzo del 2020, por la mañana. La intención es proteger aún más al público y a los empleados de la propagación de COVID-19. Estas medidas permanecerán vigentes durante el tiempo que se considere prudente y necesario. Para obtener más información llame al centro al 561-533-9699.  


Todos los servicios de pruebas de VIH han sido suspendidos hasta nuevo aviso, esto para seguir con las recomendaciones del Departamento de Salud y del CDC. Mientras se suspenden temporalmente las pruebas de VIH, llámenos al 561-533-9699 para hablar con uno de los empleados del departamento de prevención de Compass. Nuestros expertos pueden ayudarlo a obtener más información con relación a su estado de VIH, responder sus preguntas sobre VIH, PrEP, PEP y otros temas relacionados con la salud sexual, y vincularlo con servicios adicionales. Como siempre, todas las conversaciones serán confidenciales. Esperamos recibir su llamada!

Lorenzo Lowe ext 4009

Dylan Brooks ext 4004

Walberto Colon (en Espanol) ext 4042


Todas las citas serán atendidas vía telefónica o a través de videollamada, esto será determinado a la conveniencia del empleado y de el cliente en base a lo que mejor se ajuste a las circunstancias. Clientes elegibles para recibir los servicios de bonos de alimentos o pases para el bus serán contactados por su manejador de caso para coordinar una cita. 


El servicio del Departamento de Jóvenes de Compass estará cerrado hasta nuevo aviso, esto en coordinación con el cierre del Distrito Escolar. Los miembros del grupo de jóvenes pueden contactar algún empleado del Departamento de Jóvenes si necesitan hablar con alguien. Los empleados del Departamento de Jóvenes estarán haciendo las llamada pertinentes and los clientes de terapia y a los miembros del grupo de jóvenes para dejarles saber sobre estos cambios. Las reuniones del grupo de jóvenes se realizarán de manera virtual. Esto será coordinado por los empleados del Departamento de Jóvenes y los miembros del grupo en base a la disponibilidad de ambas partes. 

Amanda Canete ext 4011

Lucas O’Ryan ext 4040

Rex Barnes ext 4035


Todos los grupos y eventos programados han sido suspendidos. Se le recomienda a los grupos a reunirse de forma virtual en apoyo a sus miembros. Se estarán buscando alternativas con los facilitadores de grupos para que las reuniones puedan ser ofrecidas de manera virtual o en linea a traves de Zoom. Se le recomienda a los miembros de los distintos grupos a mantenerse en comunicación vía llamada o texto para ayudarse unos a otros. 


El Centro De Computadoras David Bohnett está cerrado al público. 

Nosotros comprendemos que esta decisión presenta muchas dificultades para nuestros clientes, pero nosotros seguimos las directrices y recomendaciones del CDC, del Departamento de Salud y los oficiales de Salud. Compass mantiene el compromiso de ofrecer los servicios a la comunidad. Mantenemos la esperanza, que aunque estos cambios son difíciles, nos ayuden a salvar vidas.

Pueden accesar información respecto al COVID-19  desde la página de Departamento de Salud Aquí, y del Centro del Control de Enfermedades Aqui. Nosotros seguiremos las recomendaciones de estas agencias, oficiales de salud pública, y de los oficiales de la ciudad de Lake Worth Beach en el Condado de Palm Beach.

Black Lives Matter Statement

We are all feeling the pain that is being felt in and for the Black community throughout the country. In response to the tragic loss of Black lives, protests have been launched in most major U.S. cities, including right here in South Florida. People from all walks of life, all races, all ages are coming together to unequivocally say that Black Lives Matter. Compass stands in solidarity with those who are standing against racism because we understand fully when enough becomes enough, as it did for the LGBTQ community.

June 1st is the start of LGBTQ Pride Month. Commemorated each June, we honor the 1969 Stonewall Inn riots in New York City, where patrons of the Stonewall Inn staged an uprising to resist police harassment and persecution. Fifty-one years ago, instead of running, a crowd led by Black and Brown drag queens and transgender people fought back. Six nights of rioting followed, and sparked a civil rights movement meant to replace public shame with collective pride.

As the LGBTQ community stood up in 1969, it is incumbent on us to stand with the Black community now.

Last year, we launched our partnership with the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office with the LGBTQ Liaisons Program. The program strengthens the relationship between the LBGTQ community and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office by creating mutual trust and confidence through community involvement, departmental education, and by ensuring fair and professional policing services for all.

Today, Compass signed on to a letter with LGBTQ Organizations from across the country to unite in combating against racial violence (click here to read the letter).  It is important to stand in solidarity and speak out, but it is not enough to simply not be racist as individuals. Together, we must fight the system that protects white lives and devalues Black lives.

We understand what it means to stand up and push back against a culture that tells us we are less than, that our lives don't matter. Today, we stand up again to say Black Lives Matter.

In solidarity,

Julie Seaver