About the Transgender Economic Empowerment Program

Compass Transgender Economic Empowerment Program offers linkage to services that help transgender individuals attain economic stability and empowerment through career development. The program will assist participants with opportunities for self-development in the form of assistance with discovery of career goals, employment readiness services, and direct support from the program coordinator. This support is based on the unique needs of each individual, including developing or editing a resume and cover letter, strengthening interview skills, and guidance with professional attire through direct assistance and referrals to other area agencies. 

Compass Community Center adopts an affirming and sex positive philosophy in fulfilling our mission. As such all transgender individuals are encouraged to participate regardless of past work history (including entertainer or sex work), incarceration, or addiction history.

This program is partially funded by the Jewish Women's Foundation of the Greater Palm Beaches and Macy's.

Program Services



Before starting a job search each client will work with the program coordinator on how they want to express their gender, and having the appropriate legal documentation for that gender. Guidance and referrals may be offered to obtain needed ID or name change.

Career Guidance

For those who are not yet clear on career goals, there are assessment tools, partnering agencies, and discussions to figure out potential jobs. Once career goals are identified, a plan can be designed to  reach that goal, including help finding job leads and postings to apply to.

Work Search

A great resume grabs the attention of potential employers, communicating the skills, experience and strengths of the applicant. Clients will create or update their resume and cover letters to make their qualifications stand out. Then clients will be guided to job postings, employment agencies and partner resources many of whom are working with Compass to be trans-friendly.  

Interview Preparation 

Practice makes progress, and that is especially true for interview preparation. This program includes interview attire consultations, mock interviews, formulating responses to commonly asked interview questions, questions to ask (and what not to ask) the interviewer, and how to dress appropriately for interviews.

Linkage to Resources

Compass has been partnering with many Palm Beach County agencies over the last 30 years. Recognizing that needs will vary from individual to individual, Compass is positioned to offer referrals and resources to address housing and food insecurity, victim services, career training, and help obtaining interview clothing.

Contact Us

Contact Program Coordinator Jackie Brown by clicking emailing her at JackieBrown@CompassGLCC.com or by clicking here.

Transgender Economic Empowerment Program
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