LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency Trainings

Compass' LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency Training is one of the most thorough trainings on core LGBTQ+ terms and topics available. Our world class trainers are experts on the topics of Gender Expression, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation. Our entry level training covers these topics in addition to tips for allies and businesses for treating LGBTQ+ people with respect. Trainings are available virtually and in person with strict adherence to CDC guidelines on COVID Safety.

The full training takes 3 hours. We charge non-profit organizations $250.00 and for-profit businesses $500.00 per training.

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If you are an individual who wants to participate in the training virtually on May 18, 2021 from 9am-12pm, please click here.

Training Topics

Gender Expression

Gender Expression is often the most visible aspect of people's lives. We cover gender expression's roles in all of our lives and look at the influences it has on us on a daily basis.

Gender Identity

Gender identity describes everyone's own, internal understanding of what their gender is. For some people, this identity matches their biological bodies; for others, it doesn't. We explore what this means for individuals and society.

Training Topics

Sexual Orientation

In this part of the training, we discuss the different types of attractions that human beings experience towards each other and why this attraction is not dependent on our personal gender identity or expression.

Advice and Support for Allies

Allies are those who do not identify in the LGBTQ community. However, they are an enormous part of who we are and help us to exist with their support. In this section of the training, we work to help allies navigate pronouns, relationships (business and personal) and aid with how organizations can make themselves open and prepared to accept LGBTQ+ people as employees, clients and customers.

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